Super Fun Fantasy Writing Prompts For Kids

Fantasy Writing Prompts

Looking for fantasy writing ideas for kids? Check out these super fun fantasy writing prompts. Fantasy is such a fantastic genre for kids to write about because they can let their imaginations run wild. Kids have wonderful imaginations but ask a kid to write a fantasy story and they will likely struggle to put pen to paper.

That’s where these fantasy writing prompts can come in handy. These writing prompts are designed to spark kids’ imaginations and get their creative writing juices flowing. Scroll down to check out these fantasy writing prompts, and check out the bottom of the page if you would like to download these plot ideas as a printable PDF.

Fantasy Writing Prompts For Kids

  1. You’re exploring a dark cave with your friends when you come across a sleeping dragon. What happens next?
  2. You’re in an old movie theater. When the movie starts, you are pulled into the movie. Where are you? How do you escape?
  3. After being bitten by an insect, you develop superpowers. What superpowers do you have and how do you use them?
  4. While cleaning your house, you find an ancient ring in the basement with magical powers. What happens next?
  5. You buy an old, magical watch from an antiques store. The watch lets you travel back in time. Where do you go?
  6. While walking in the forest, you find a bag with magic beans inside. What happens when you plant them?
  7. While cleaning an old lamp, a genie appears and grants you three wishes. What do you wish for.
  8. You discover an old board game with magical powers. What happens when you play the game?
  9. You’re pet suddenly is able to talk. What does it say?
  10. Everyday at noon, you turn into a dog for an hour. What do you do? Where do you go?
  11. While walking in the forest, the trees begin to talk. What do they say?
  12. You find an ancient rug in the basement. It is magical and can fly. Where do you go?
  13. You enter your wardrobe and find it leads to a magical world. What is it like?
  14. You drink a magic potion and it makes you 50 feet tall. What happens next?
  15. While trying to clone a human, a scientist accidently creates a monster. What happens next?
  16. You walk to the end of your garden and find a mysterious path. Where does it lead?
  17. You drop your TV remote control. Suddenly, you are able to pause, rewind, and fast-forward real life. What happens next?
  18. You find an old cowboy hat in the attic. When you put it on, it transports you to the wild west. What happens next?
  19. While scuba diving, you find an underwater city of mermaids. What happens next?
  20. You find a magical mirror in the attic. When you look into it, you are taken to a parallel universe. What’s it like there?