30 Debate Topics About Animals And Animal Rights

Debate Topics About Animal Rights

Animals play an important part of life as we know it and without them the human race would surely cease to exist. People have diverse feelings about how we should treat animals and whether or not animals have the same rights as humans. On this page, we will list some of the top debate topics about animals and animal rights. These can be used for a classroom debate, a topic for an assignment, or just as a topic to stimulate interesting conversation about this important issue.

Animal Debate Topics

  1. Are animals conscious?
  2. Do animals have feelings?
  3. Do animals have rights?
  4. What rights do animals have?
  5. Which animals have rights?
  6. What punishment should someone get for animal cruelty?
  7. Is animal testing justified?
  8. Is factory farming ethical?
  9. Should trophy hunting be illegal?
  10. Is it okay to sacrifice an animal for religious reasons?
  11. Are zoos beneficial to animals?
  12. Is it ethical to race animals for entertainment?
  13. Should fur coats and clothing be banned?
  14. When is it okay to test new drugs on animals?
  15. What protections should animals have under the law?
  16. Is it okay to hunt animals for food?
  17. Do animals have souls?
  18. When is it okay to kill a wild animal?
  19. Should it be allowed to keep exotic animals as pets?
  20. What should be the punishment for animal poachers?
  21. What can we do to prevent animal extinctions.
  22. Do all animals have the same rights? How about fish?
  23. What impact have humans had on the animal population?
  24. Should fox hunting be banned?
  25. When is it okay to euthanize animals?
  26. Some places eat dog meat. Should this be banned?
  27. Should horse racing be banned?
  28. How are humans different from animals? Does this mean humans have more rights?
  29. Should bullfighting be banned?
  30. Should humans eat less meat?