20 Debate Topics About Education

Debate Topics About Education
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A topic which is guaranteed to stimulate passionate debate in your class is education. After all, education issues have the potential to directly affect your students and their futures. In this post, you will find 20 debate topics about education that you can use in your debate class. These are suitable for middle school students, high school students, and adults.

Debate Topics About Education

Here are 20 debate topics about education. All the topics below are formed as a statement so ask your students if they agree or disagree with the statements below.

  1. School uniforms are important at school.
  2. Education should be free for everyone.
  3. All student loan debts should be forgiven.
  4. Private schools are better than public schools.
  5. Tuition fees are too expensive.
  6. Homework is an important part of education.
  7. All exams should be replaced with coursework.
  8. School meals should be free for all.
  9. Teachers should have to wear a school uniform.
  10. Boys and girls should be taught separately.
  11. Cell phones should be allowed in the classroom.
  12. All students should learn at least one foreign language.
  13. Homeschooling is just as good as traditional schooling.
  14. School vacations should be shortened to allow more school days.
  15. Detention should be abolished in schools.
  16. Social media should be banned in schools.
  17. Security guards should be in all schools.
  18. University should be compulsory for all.
  19. Playing games in the classroom is important.
  20. Science is a more important subject than art.
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