20 Debate Topics About Ethics And Morality

Debate Topics About Ethics And Morality

Everyone has strong opinions when it comes to ethics and morality, which is why these discussion topics are perfect for a lively classroom debate. Below you’ll find 20 debate topics about ethics and morality, including controversial issues like abortion and assisted suicide, as well as topics like genetic engineering and technology. These debate topics will encourage students to discuss the ethical and moral implications of the choices they make as human beings and make them think about the reasons why they hold the moral opinions that they do.

Ethics And Morality: Debate Topics

  1. Is abortion ethical?
  2. Should assisted suicide be legal?
  3. Is it ethical to use animals for medical research?
  4. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  5. Is it morally wrong to clone animals or humans?
  6. Is it wrong to censor offensive or harmful speech?
  7. Is it ethical to use performance-enhancing drugs in sports?
  8. Is religion the ultimate source of morality?
  9. Can the use of military force be justified for humanitarian intervention?
  10. Is it ethical to use drones for targeted killings?
  11. Is the use of psychological and persuasive techniques in advertising morally wrong?
  12. Is it wrong for governments to use surveillance technologies to monitor citizens?
  13. Should employers be allowed to make hiring decisions based on a person’s appearance?
  14. Are arranged marriages ethical?
  15. Is it morally acceptable to use reproductive technology to select the characteristics of a child?
  16. Is it ethical to use stem cells from embryos in medical research?
  17. Should governments be able to use biometric data for identification or tracking purposes?
  18. Should law enforcement be able to use racial or ethnic profiling to combat crime and terrorism?
  19. Is it ethical to use robotics or automation to replace human labor?
  20. Is it ethical to use robots and artificial intelligence to care for people?