20 Debate Topics About Sports

Debate Topics About Sports
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Sport is a topic that many people feel passionate about. This makes it a fantastic topic for a debate. Below you’ll find a list of interesting debate topics about sports you can use in your next sports debate. Let’s get started.

Debate Topics About Sports

  1. Do sports players get paid too much?
  2. Should all young sports players get a trophy?
  3. Is the Olympics a waste of money?
  4. Should e-sports be included in the Olympics?
  5. Players should be allowed to kneel in protest during the national anthem. Agree or disagree?
  6. Winning is the most important thing when playing sports. Agree or disagree?
  7. Heading should be banned in soccer to protect players. Agree or disagree?
  8. Should the NFL do more to protect players from concussions?
  9. Should a referee be allowed to use instant replays in sports?
  10. College athletes should be paid. Agree or disagree?
  11. Sports players who use steroids should be banned for life. Agree or disagree?
  12. Sports fans who shout racist slurs should be banned from stadiums. Agree or disagree?
  13. Transgender sports players should not be allowed to compete in the Olympics. Agree or disagree?
  14. Women should be allowed to compete against men. Agree or disagree?
  15. Should penalty shoot outs be used to decide the winning team?
  16. Playing sports at school is just as important as other subjects. Agree or disagree?
  17. Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed in professional sports?
  18. Are sports more important than subjects such as art and music?
  19. Should politics be left out of sports?
  20. Should advertising be allowed in sports?
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