20 Interesting Essay Topics About Social Media

Social Media Essay Topics

Writing an essay about social media can help your students think deeply about this important topic and how social media affects their lives and society. Below you’ll find many essay topics about social media that students can use to write argumentative essays, cause and effect essays, or any other paper about social media for class.

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20 Essay Topics About Social Media

  1. What are the positive and negative aspects of social media?
  2. Has social media benefited society?
  3. Should students be educated about the dangers of social media?
  4. How has social media affected your life?
  5. Should social media be allowed to ban people?
  6. Does everyone have a right to use social media platforms?
  7. If you created a social media platform, what rules would it have?
  8. How has social media changed the way business is done?
  9. What would the world look like today without social media?
  10. What responsibilities do social media companies have?
  11. How has social media made the world a safer place?
  12. Should politicians be allowed to lie on social media?
  13. Has social media made us less social?
  14. How does social media affect today’s children?
  15. Can you be addicted to social media?
  16. Do social media companies have too much power?
  17. What can social media companies do to prevent cyberbullying?
  18. What is the impact of social media on education?
  19. Is news found on social media trustworthy?
  20. What positive and negative effects does social media have on people’s mental health?