30 Conversation Questions About Travel

Conversation Questions About Travel

A fantastic topic for conversation is travelling. Travelling, going on vacation, seeing new places and meeting new people is something many people dream of. People may have many different reasons for wanting to travel, and will likely have many stories to tell from their previous vacations. To help you, or your students, start a conversation about travelling, we have put together this list of 30 questions about travel. If you want to print this list of questions and distribute them to your students, you can download a printable PDF at the bottom of the page. Let’s get started.

Questions About Travel

  1. Have you ever visited another country?
  2. Do you prefer to travel abroad or in your own country?
  3. How many countries have you visited?
  4. Do you like to travel alone?
  5. Who do you usually travel with?
  6. Do you like to fly when you travel?
  7. What’s the longest flight you have ever been on?
  8. What’s your favorite vacation memory?
  9. What’s the strangest food you have every tried while travelling?
  10. Have you ever stayed in a five star hotel?
  11. What’s perfect length of a vacation?
  12. Which countries would you never visit?
  13. Do you prefer a beach vacation or a city break?
  14. Have you ever flied business class?
  15. Have you ever got lost while travelling in another country?
  16. Has an airline ever lost your luggage?
  17. Who’s the most interesting person you have met while travelling?
  18. What would your dream holiday be like, if money was not an issue?
  19. How do you plan a vacation?
  20. What do you miss the most when you travel?
  21. How many times a year do you travel?
  22. Do you like to go on package holidays?
  23. How much luggage do you take when you go on vacation?
  24. Do you like to eat local food when you travel?
  25. Do you prefer summer vacations or winter vacations?
  26. Have you ever been on a camping vacation?
  27. Do you like to travel by train?
  28. Do you like to go sightseeing when you travel?
  29. How do you entertain yourself on a long flight?
  30. What’s something you can’t be without when you travel?