15 Silly Debate Topics For Kids

Silly Debate Topics For Kids

Debates are not just for grownups and politicians. Debate classes can be incredibly fun and beneficial to kids, too. The problem is, kids and teenagers can be shy or may be reluctant to share their thoughts in class. But, with these silly debate topics for kids, your students will be debating in no time. Below you’ll find 15 silly/funny debate topics that are easy enough for kids to understand, and silly enough that your students will have a lot of fun while discussing them. If you want to download these debate topics as a printable PDF, then check the bottom of the page.

Silly Debate Topics For Kids

1. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

This classic silly debate topic is something kids can argue about for hours. Like many great debate topics, there’s no write or wrong answer. Divide the kids into a ‘chicken team’ and an ‘egg team’ and have them come up with reasons why they think the chicken or the egg came first.

2. Which superpower would be better to have? The ability to fly or to be invisible?

Kids love superheroes and this funny debate topic gives students a chance to use their imaginations and imagine what it would be like to have a superpower.

3. Schools would be better without teachers. Agree or disagree?

You would hope that all the students would disagree, but there will definitely be some students who strongly agree with this, even if it’s just for fun. Kids can come up with some truly funny and surprising reasons to justify why schools would be better without teachers.

4. Curse words are bad. Agree or disagree?

This topic may not be suitable for very young kids, but teenagers would love the chance to talk about some curse words. Be sure to set some ground rules before starting this debate so students know what they are and are not allowed to say during the debate.

5. Who is stronger? Iron Man or Batman?

Although these characters are fictional and there is clearly no clear answer, kids will still have strong opinions about their favorite superheroes.

6. Agree or disagree? We should play more games in class.

Now this is a topic that the majority of kids will agree on. If you’re having difficulty finding enough students to argue against this, why not take the against position and have students take the for position. If they can come up with convincing enough arguments then you can reward them by playing a game in class.

7. What is the best topping for a pizza?

Everyone loves pizza but everyone has a different favorite. Ask your students to debate what the best pizza topping is for a quick and fun debate topic. You could even extend this topic and talk about the health implications of eating fast food like pizza.

8. Cats are better than dogs? Agree or disagree.

Kids love animals and some feel very strongly about their preferred animal. Ask your students which animal they like more and then divide them into two teams. Then, have them come up with as many reasons as they can for why their chosen animal is better.

9. Who’s better? Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny?

This can be a tough one to decide. Santa clause brings gifts but the Easter bunny is cute and brings chocolate. Which one do you think is better?

10. Agree or disagree? Kids are smarter than adults.

If you’re asking this debate question to kids, no doubt they will say that they think kids are smarter than adults. Be sure to ask the kids to justify why they think so and I am sure you will hear many fantastic reasons why.

11. Kids should be paid money to attend school.

This is another funny debate topic which I am sure most kids can get behind. Teachers are paid to go school so why not kids, too?

12. Would you rather be really tiny or really huge?

This silly debate topic is a fantastic topic to get students to use their imaginations. They can imagine what it is like to be really big or really small and the funny things you can do and the things you cannot do.

13. Where would be a better place to live? In Space, or under the sea?

Now this is a tricky one. In the not too distant future, this could actually be an option for some. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, making this topics a great one to get kids debating.

14. Which would be better? Really long legs or really long arms?

This is another great topic to get kids using their imaginations. They can imagine what it would be like to have really long legs/arms and the things they could do.

15. What would be better? To be able to speak any language or to be able to talk to animals?

This silly debate topic is another tough one to decide. Being able to speak any language would allow the kids to live and communicate in any country in the world, but being able to speak to animals would surely be very interesting and a lot of fun. I am not sure which one I would choose.