30 Fun This Or That Questions To Start A Conversation

This Or That Questions

Asking this or that questions are a great way to start a conversation and learn more about someone’s like’s and preferences. This and that questions can also be used in class by the teacher to survey students and as a conversation starter, after which the teacher or students can ask follow-up questions.

If you’re not familiar with what ‘this or that questions’ are, they are questions in which you are given two choices and you must choose one based on your preference. For example, “Cat’s or dogs?”, “Chicken or fish?”, etc. Below you’ll find a list of 30 fun this or that questions to ask someone to start a conversation. Let’s get started.

This Or That Questions

  1. Beach or mountain?
  2. Winter or summer?
  3. Sun or snow?
  4. Pizza or chicken?
  5. Computer games or sports?
  6. Reading or watching TV?
  7. Fast food or salad?
  8. Wake up early or stay up late?
  9. Exercise at the gym or outside?
  10. Email or letter?
  11. Eggs or cereal?
  12. Board games or computer games?
  13. Singing or dancing?
  14. Washing dishes or washing clothes?
  15. Take a shower or take a bath?
  16. Sweet or savoury?
  17. Apple or banana?
  18. Math or history?
  19. Comedy or drama?
  20. Beach vacation or city vacation?
  21. Train or airplane?
  22. Pop music or classical music?
  23. Run or cycle?
  24. Online shopping or shopping at the store?
  25. Ketchup or mayonaise?
  26. Snakes or spiders?
  27. Juice or soda?
  28. Super rich or super happy?
  29. Breakfast or lunch?
  30. Cell phone or laptop?