Best Math Websites For Learning And Teaching Mathematics

Best Math Websites

Let’s face it. Math is rarely a student’s favorite subject and many find learning math quite challenging. The recent change to online/virtual learning has made learning and teaching math even more of a challenge. But don’t fret. There are lots of fantastic math websites to make learning and teaching math fun, interesting, and engaging. Below, we have listed the best math websites for learning and teaching mathematics. Let’s take a look.

Best Math Websites For Kids

Children learn best when they are having fun, so playing games and presenting problems in an interesting way is very important when teaching math to kids. Here are the best math websites for kids which include fun games and innovative ways to learn mathematics.


BrainPop has many interactive math games and quizzes, and even animated videos to keep kids engaged when learning math. What we particularly like about this website is their ‘Practical Math’ section which helps kids to relate math problems to real-life scenarios.

Fun Brain

The ‘Math Zone’ section of this website includes many funny animated games and videos to help kids learn math. The math games on this site will make students feel like they are playing rather than learning. We really like how Fun Brain doesn’t require any complicated sign up, so kids can visit and play the math games quickly and easily.

Math Playground

As the name suggests, Math Playground is a site for kids to visit to play all kinds of math related games. The games on math playground can be found by game type or by grade/level. The free version of this site does include ads, but a premium membership will remove ads and allow you to play the games full screen, which can be really useful for teachers when playing these games in class.

PBS Kids

The math games site from PBS Kids is a fantastic site that kids can visit and play interactive math games. We particularly like that the games include many of children’s favorite characters from Sesame Street and other PBS kids programs.


SplashLearn is a great math website for kids and for teachers and parents who are teaching kids math. After a parent or teacher signs up, they’ll be able to access all the math learning games which cover Pre-k to Grade 5 math.

Best Math Websites For Middle School

Although middle school students may be a little too old for the math game websites mentioned above, they still learn best when they are having fun and find the math lessons interesting. Here are our favorite math websites for middle school students and teachers.


Delta math is a great website for middle school students and teachers. As a teacher, you can assign practice exercises to your students and when students complete the tasks they can see feedback immediately. The best thing about this site is it is FREE.


VirtualNerd is a fantastic resource for both teachers and students. This site consists of over 1,500 videos which cover the common math topics middle schoolers need to learn, plus topics for more advanced learners including pre-algebra, algebra 1 and algebra 2.


We really love Buzzmath as it helps middle school students practice math skills through interactive activities and practice exercises. There’s also plenty of tools for teachers to monitor students’ progress, and instant feedback for students. The activities on Buzzmath are designed to meet the Common Core State Standards making this site perfect for middle school students and teachers.


As the name suggests, MathTV has a huge library of videos for learning math. These videos cover topics typically studied in middle school math lessons, plus a whole lot more. What we particularly liked about this site is that not only do they have lessons in English, but they also have many math videos in Spanish, too.

Best Math Websites For High School

When students reach high school, math lessons tend to focus on test-prep, college prep, and advanced algebra and calculus. High school students will need all the help they can get, so here are the best math websites for high schoolers.

Brilliant is literally brilliant. It’s an excellent site for learning math and has a fantastic section dedicated to high school math. Unlike other websites, doesn’t use video lessons to teach math. Instead, it uses innovative interactive practice exercises and problems.

Varsity Learning

Varsity Learning provides lots of online math assignments and templates for studying algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and more. The topics and practice problems cover all the essentials for high school math students.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides a huge library of resources for high school math students and teachers. Their learning resources consist of video lessons followed by practice activities. This site covers all the main topics high school math students would need to learn, including algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and more.

Best Math Websites For Teaching Resources

The only thing harder than actually teaching math, is preparing for the lessons. Luckily, there are plenty of awesome math websites for teachers with downloadable resources and other tools to help teach and plan math lessons. Here are the best math websites for teachers.


Mathsbot is a site dedicated to providing tools and resources for math teachers. Not only will you find printable math resources, but also many interactive tools and calculators that teachers can use in class. We particularly like their ‘Question Generators’ which teachers can use when they need a quick math problem for extra time in class.


This site has it all. Math worksheets, math puzzles and games, and math learning videos. MashupMath even has a YouTube channel with new math lessons uploaded regularly.

Common Core Sheets

If you’re looking for math worksheets, this website is invaluable. On this site, there is a huge library of downloadable math worksheets and resources. These are great for math teachers to use in their class or to assign as self-learning math assignments.


This British math site has plenty of interactive whiteboard resources, math learning games, and other downloadable resources for math teachers.

Thanks for reading. I hope you and your students find these great math websites useful.