20 Climate Change Discussion Questions

Conversation Questions About Climate Change

Climate change and global warming are important topics we should all be talking about so that we can prepare for the future. If you’re going to be talking about this important topic in class, these 20 climate change discussion questions will come in handy. You can use these prompts to start a conversation about global warming and the effects of climate change.

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Climate Change Discussion Questions

  1. How has climate change affected your life?
  2. What can we do to prevent global warming from getting worse?
  3. Who or what is responsible for climate change?
  4. Do you think we can already see the effects of climate change?
  5. Which countries do you think contribute the most to global warming?
  6. Are climate change and global warming political issues? Should they be?
  7. What are the main threats of global warming?
  8. How has climate change affected animal species?
  9. Is renewable energy the answer to climate change?
  10. Is it too late to stop climate change?
  11. How can we tell global warming is real?
  12. What impact will climate change have on the future?
  13. What is your government doing to fight climate change?
  14. Who should we listen to about climate change? Politicians or scientists?
  15. How would you explain climate change to someone?
  16. Do you think you have a large or small carbon footprint?
  17. Which industries could do more to prevent climate change?
  18. What extreme weather events have you witnessed?
  19. What can people do to reduce their carbon footprint?
  20. How does meat consumption contribute to climate change?