25 Conversation Questions About The Environment

Conversation Questions About The Environment
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The environment is a topic we should be talking about. Not only do environmental issues affect the way we live now, they will also affect the lives of your students and their families in the future. Below, you’ll find 25 conversation questions about the environment. These can be useful if you are teaching a lesson about the environment or global warming, teaching about Earth day, or simply want to start a conversation about this important topic. Let’s get started.

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Conversation Questions About The Environment

  1. What environmental issues do you care the most about?
  2. What environmental issues are evident in your local area?
  3. How can people improve the environment that we live in?
  4. What can you do personally to reduce your carbon footprint?
  5. Which countries have the worst pollution?
  6. Describe the effects that pollution can have upon people’s health?
  7. Do you think that global warming is a hoax?
  8. Can you describe how global warming is affecting our planet?
  9. If global warming continues, what will happen in the future?
  10. What might humans be able to do in the future to deal with environmental catastrophes?
  11. Are you concerned about climate change?
  12. What things do you do to protect the world that we live in?
  13. Has pollution always been an issue?
  14. What are some forms of renewable energy? Do you use any?
  15. What are the most important environmental issues in the world today?
  16. Should governments be solely responsible for protecting the environment?
  17. What environmental issues might exist on other planets in the universe?
  18. What events in history have done most harm to the environment?
  19. Are there any environmental issues in your country?
  20. Do you think recycling is important?
  21. Are older people as concerned about the environment as younger people?
  22. Which celebrities are involved with environmental issues?
  23. What changes in the weather might we see in the future?
  24. What strategies are helping to improve the environment that we live in?
  25. How does meat consumption contribute to global warming?
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