Informative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Informative Essay Topics For Middle School

As students progress through middle school, they are required to write essays in a variety of different styles. Informational style essays are one such type of essay that middle school students need to be proficient in. Writing informative essays help students to develop their research skills and teaches them how to write in an objective and informative way.

One of the hardest things when teaching or writing informative essays is coming up with an interesting topic to write about. So, we have put together a useful list of 30 fun and interesting informative essay topics for middle school students to write about. Before we look at these topics, let’s first review what informative essays are.

What Is An Informative Essay?

An informative essay informs and educates the reader on a particular topic. This type of essay should never express an opinion or a persuasive argument. Rather, an informative essay can define, analyze, compare, or inform the reader on how to do something. Due to the informative nature of this kind of essay, students must research and fact-check what they write to ensure the information they are providing to the reader is true and accurate.

How To Write An Informative Essay

Most of the work for an informative essay takes place before the writing even begins. Once you have chosen a topic, you need to research the topic thoroughly and outline the steps you will take when writing your essay. Here are the steps to take to write a good informative essay:

  1. Choose A Topic.
  2. Research: Conduct research to fact-check your existing knowledge and to discover more about your chosen topic.
  3. Outline Your Essay: Write down the facts/information about your chosen topic in a logical way that will be easy to follow for your reader.
  4. Write Your Introduction: Write an introduction providing an overview of your chosen topic and an outline of what you will discuss in the essay.
  5. Write The Main Body Text: Write 3/4 paragraphs detailing the main points about your chosen topic. Remember, these should inform only, and so should not express an opinion or try to persuade the reader.
  6. Write The Conclusion: Summarize the information you have provided in your informative essay, making sure to include each of the main facts.
  7. Proofread Your Essay: Once you have completed your first draft, proofread your essay and check it makes sense and flows together in a logical way. Also, check for typos and spelling mistakes.
  8. Create The Final Draft: The last step to writing an informative essay is to create your final draft. Check to see if there are any sentences or paragraphs you can re-write to make them clearer or more concise.

Informative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Here are 30 interesting informative essay topics for middle school students to write about. If you would like to download a PDF of this list of topics, you can do so below.

  1. The harmful effects of overusing your cell phone.
  2. The steps to make a delicious pizza.
  3. The role of social media in providing news.
  4. How to book an airplane ticket.
  5. The steps to make a viral YouTube Video.
  6. A short history of computer game consoles.
  7. What happens during photosynthesis?
  8. Describe your latest vacation.
  9. A brief history of the blockchain.
  10. Describe your role model.
  11. Describe the life of a famous woman from history.
  12. How to upload a video to YouTube.
  13. Why sugar makes us fat.
  14. The differences between cats and dogs.
  15. Define cryptocurrency.
  16. Describe the origins of your favorite sport.
  17. How to cook poached eggs.
  18. Why are university students in so much debt?
  19. How a car works.
  20. How to read a train timetable.
  21. What’s the difference between TikTok and Instagram?
  22. A brief history of social media.
  23. How cellphones work.
  24. Describe the life of your favorite sports personality.
  25. The difference between evaporation and boiling.
  26. What are the main tourist attractions in your country?
  27. What are the main reasons for climate change?
  28. What are the most popular social media platforms today?
  29. Describe what ‘cookies’ in your internet browser do.
  30. Describe what artificial intelligence is used for today.