20 Fun Adventure Writing Prompts And Story Ideas

Adventure Writing Prompts

There’s a reason that adventure stories like Harry Potter are so popular. Kids, teenagers, and even adults love to use their imaginations and picture themselves going on a wild adventure. Writing adventure stories is equally enjoyable for the same reason. Starting an adventure story can be challenging for students, but with these fun adventure writing prompts and story ideas your students will be able to easily start their fun adventure story. Before we take a look at these adventure story starters, first let’s talk about what adventure stories are.

What Are Adventure Stories?

Adventure stories follow a certain formula. They include a hero who is going on a journey or quest in an unfamiliar environment. For example, in Lord Of The Rings, the ‘hero’ (Frodo) leaves his hometown and sets off on a quest to destroy the ring in the fires of Mount Doom. In adventure stories, there’s almost always a villain and a certain element of risk. As an adventure story progresses, the main character usually transforms from an ordinary person into a hero.

Fun Adventure Writing Prompts And Story Ideas

Someone Writing And Adventure Story

Here are 20 fun adventure writing prompts and story ideas:

  1. You find a flute in the forest. When you play it, you are transported to another world. What’s the world like? How do you get back home?
  2. One day, in P.E. class, you fall and bump your head. When you get home, you can understand everything your pet is saying. What does your pet say? What adventures do you and your pet have next?
  3. On Christmas eve, Santa clause crashes his sleigh in your backyard. He needs your help to deliver all the presents before Christmas day. How do you help?
  4. You move into a new house and find an old board game covered in dust. You decide to play the game, and when you roll the dice, you get sucked into a different world. What’s it like there? How do you escape?
  5. Some equipment malfunctions while working in a laboratory on a top-secret project. The next day, you start to notice strange new powers. What powers do you have? What do you do with your new powers?
  6. Your father is an inventor. You go into his office and find a ‘ray gun’. You accidentally fire it, it hits you, and you shrink to the size of an ant. What happens next?
  7. While on vacation in Europe, you get lost in the backstreets of a city. There, you discover a portal that transports you back in time to World War 2. What do you do there?
  8. While cleaning your room, you discover an old dusty book. You open it, and there is a key hidden inside. What does the key open?
  9. You visit a charity store and buy a cool jacket there. When you put it on, you suddenly become invisible. What adventures do you get up to with your new jacket?
  10. You go for a walk in a forest and get lost. As night falls, the trees and plants begin to talk. What do they say?
  11. The year is 3022, and your cleaning robot starts behaving strangely. You look outside, and all the other robots appear to be malfunctioning. What happens next?
  12. While trekking in the jungle, you come across some ancient ruins. In the center is a pool of clear water. What happens when you drink the water?
  13. While cleaning the attic, you discover a tiny door. When you go through it, you are transported into the mind of somebody famous and can control what they do for a day. Who is the famous person? What adventures do you get up to?
  14. At school, you discover a ghost. The ghost has some unfinished business and needs your help. How do you help the ghost?
  15. Halfway through a 7-month journey to Mars, your ship gets struck by cosmic rays. What damage does it cause? What do you do to make it to Mars safely?
  16. You have a time machine, and you travel back to prehistoric times. There, you kill a mosquito. When you return to the present day, the world is entirely different. What’s this world like now?
  17. You drop and break your T.V remote control. You put it back together, and suddenly it controls real life. What happens next?
  18. You find an old cell phone while clearing out your desk. You charge it up and suddenly receive a call. It’s a detective from the past who needs help solving a crime. What happens next?
  19. While shopping for antique furniture, you come across an antique mirror that catches your eye. What happens when you look in the mirror?
  20. During a thunderstorm, you get struck by lightning. The next day, you start having visions of crimes that haven’t taken place yet. What do you do next?


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